Universal Protection Council Wiki is a wiki based on the Universal Protection Council and the Galactic Conquest Council. These are fictional organizations that were made up by a group of friends. The purpose of these two organizations is to combine the people and groups from different books, tv shows, movies, etc. to create a powerful organization. The UPC is essentially the "good guys", and consist of people like the Jedi, the good wizards and witches from Harry Potter, the members of Camp Half-Blood, the personnel of the Starships Voyager and Enterprise, etc. The GCC is essentially the "bad guys", consisting of people like the Sith, the Separatists, the Empire, Voldemort and the Death Eaters, Kronos and his monster/half-blood army, etc. These two organizations constantly battle and get new allies frequently as new books are read, new tv shows are watched, and new movies are seen. The UPC has developed quite a bit, with many changes, updates, and improvements made to it since its start, and those changes are continuing. The GCC has not had much development, though. This wiki only contains a very small part of the information we have about the UPC. Most of the information about it is saved on Microsoft Word Documents, Powerpoint Presentations, and our minds. This wiki is our way of saving and presenting information about our organizations online for the whole world to see.


  • Occurences in various books, movies, and tv shows have been heavily modified to allow certain characters to survive, certain things to happen, etc. For example, Anakin Skywalker never turned to the Dark Side, it was really his brother. Few clone troopers obeyed Order 66. Charles Beckendorf was not killed by Kronos. Etc.
  • The state that most characters are in is somewhere in the middle of the book/series, movie, or tv show series, so the antagonists are mostly still alive, as are the protagonists.
  • The purpose of the UPC is for a mostly military organization, so military-type people make up a good portion of the government. When their foes are vanquished, the UPC will disband, and the Galactic Senate will once again become the leading Galactic Organization.
  • Some fanon-made characters have been in the UPC before, but a proposition within the creators of the UPC was made to remove them from the UPC. Nichos Aplina, Keni Sten, Clone Commander Juto, and Clone Lieutenant Alden were removed from the UPC as a result of this proposition, and a story about their deaths was created. However, Super Doggy and Super Puzzy have remained in the UPC despite this proposition, though only temporarily.
  • Changes to the UPC are being made to the UPC, consisting of improvements to the government and changes in leadership, which are periodic. Anyone who wishes to join the group of people that makes decisions will be included in votes, in which case will be held online. We will try to share information, and possibly the documents themselves, and the UPC organization can grow from there.
  • Many smaller groups that weren't as important used to be in the UPC, such as the A-Team, the Knight Rider team, the Incredibles, etc. They were removed based on a proposition dealing with members of the Special Operations Brigade.
  • To keep the UPC society together, certain changes have been postponed or not made at all simply because of the opinions of others that will be supported by emotions and anger. Some members of this society are rather young, and still prefer to use certain shows of emotion to get their way when certain propositions are made. Certain matters have to be tread on carefully.
  • This wiki is not very updated, and has a lot of out-of-date information because of the lack of time that the main editor here has to work.

Groups/People that make up the UPC

  • Star Wars
    • Jedi Order
    • Galactic Republic
    • Clone Army
    • Pre-Rebellion Allied Resistance
    • Rebellion
    • New Republic
    • New Jedi Order (Please either ask User:ObiKenobiUPC or visit the Yoda page to see how these groups exist at the same time)
  • A-Team (SOB*)
  • Control
  • Star Trek Enterprise
  • Camp Half-Blood
  • Narnia
  • Justice League (Challenge of the Superfriends)
  • Star Trek Voyager
  • Incredibles (SOB)
  • Knight Rider (SOB)
  • Spiderman & Spidergirl (SOB)
  • Avengers (SOB)
  • Harry Potter Wizarding World
  • Algaesian Resistance (Eragon Series: Varden, Elves, Dwarves, Loyal Urgals, etc.)
  • Stargate SG1
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • Kane Chronicles Group
  • Ninjago Ninjas (SOB)
  • Children of the Red King
  • 39 Clues (Formerly)
  • Megamind
  • Night of the Museum
  • Mentalist (Formerly)
  • Ninja Turtles (SOB)
  • Krypto and Super Pets (SOB)
  • Loonatics Unleashed (SOB)
  • Fablehaven
  • Shadowhunters (Partially**)
  • Leven Thumps (Partially)
  • Arthur Penthagon and the Will (Partially)
  • Smurfs (Formerly)
  • Ranger's Apprentice
  • Camp Jupiter
  • United States
  • United Nations (Certain Countries)
  • Bionicles (Partially)
  • Artemis Fowl (Partially)
  • Indiana Jones (SOB)
  • Bob Ho (SOB)
  • Ender's Game

* SOB refers to a group that isn't in the UPC, but is part of the UPC Special Operations Brigade (SOB)

** Partially means that this group does not qualify to be part of the UPC yet (please ask User:ObiKenobiUPC to explain) so they only contribute one person to be a part of Section III: Other.

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