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The UPC Special Operations Brigade, also known as the Special Operations Brigade, Special Ops Brigade, or the SOB, is a unit in the UPC Army. This unit contains teams of four people that go on special missions that can include espionage, sabotage, assassination, spying, infiltration, special attacks, special strike forces, etc. Certain people can also become Special Agents and work alone or as a duo. In general, this special operations brigade is the top, best, and most important special ops or black ops brigade in the galaxy, and can preside over the lower ones, which are all technically smaller units that belong to the UPC Special Operations Brigade.


This brigade is mostly made up of teams of four who go on missions that involve what was stated above. These are normally some of the best warriors in the UPC, and/or have some sort of special ability or knowledge. These teams of four are usually people that have worked together or has similar abilities or backgrounds. Each four person team is headed by a Captain. However, some others that typically work alone and have exceptional talents or abilities become solo Special Agents, and others work together with another Special Agent and form a duo. However, teams make up the majority of the Brigade.

Active members of the Brigade are not allowed to be a part of the UPC, and many of them were part of the UPC before being asked to join. These people are relieved of their duties in the UPC. In addition to this, all active members are also taken out of the UPC Army that they belonged to previously, though their team may or may not still be technically classified as part of their Army. Most teams technically "belong" to a certain UPC Army.


Council of Admirals Symbol

Council of Admirals

In a meeting with the other members of the Council of Admirals, Grand Admiral Cody of the Clone Army brought up the idea that the UPC Army form a Special Operations Brigade that is responsible and performs the tasks that were aforementioned. The Council of Admirals discussed this and decided that it would be a good idea, and approved the proposition. They decided to appoint Cody, the one who proposed the idea in the first place, to be the Grand Admiral responsible for the Brigade, though he would continue with his duties involving the Clone Army, and most of its planning and executive work would be done by its General. However, the Council of Admirals could only nominate a General for the Brigade. The War Council would have to approve the nomination, and if they didn't, they would appoint their own.

The Council of Admirals informed the War Council of their creation, and proposed their nominee for its General- Captain Shaak Ti of the Jedi Army, a very cunning Togruta Jedi. The War Council approved the nomination, and left the organization of the Brigade to Grand Admiral Cody and the newly promoted General, Shaak Ti.

They organized the Brigade, figured out a structure to it, and began forming teams. Originally, there were 24 four-person teams that were all named after a different Greek letter, from Alpha to Omega. They appointed the 24 captains responsible for the teams.

Later, they realized the need for more executive help, so they appointed Splinter, former General of the former Ninjago/SG1/Ninja Turtles Army to be the Commander. However, they soon realized that his talents were needed elsewhere, more in the area of training the Brigade, so they began appointing official trainers for the Brigade and two new Commanders. The Commanders were William H. McRaven, four-star Admiral and Commander of the United States Special Operations Command. The other general was former Chief Major of the Jedi Army and leader of the Special Operations in the Grand Army of the Republic, Master Arligan Zey. The three Chief Trainers were Splinter, who was responsible for martial arts, swordfighting, and other medieval weaponry training. Ordo, a black ops Clone Trooper, who was responsible for blaster, slicing, black ops, and advanced weaponry training. And Finally, Tycho Celchu, Rebellion and New Republic pilot and former Colonel in the Rebellion Army, who was responsible for piloting and other vehicle control and repair training.

When the UPC Army was reorganized, the leadership of the SOB was transfered to its former Commander, Arligan Zey. Its command structure under the reformed UPC Army is still being determined and organized, but it is a part of the Intelligence Division of the UPC Army and therefore under the jurisdiction of Director Airen Cracken.

Teams have been continually added, and duos and solo Special Agents have been asked to participate as well.

The five leading teams (the best and most effective) are:

Team Beta: Captain Boss, Agents Scorch, Sev, and Fixer (Clones who had already worked together previously)

Team Gamma: Captain Mara Jade Skywalker, Agents Tyvokka, X2, and Kam Solusar (All of them Jedi)

Team Omega: Captain Jaina Solo, Agents Corran Horn, Kyp Durron, and Anakin Skywalker (all very talented Jedi and pilots)

Team Kaph: Captain Aayla Secura, Agents Lee Fletcher, Remus Lupin, and Fives (Jedi, Greek Half-Blood, Wizard, and ARC Clone Trooper)

Team Lamedh: Captain America, Agents Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor (Members of a Superhero team)

Sections: Edit

Members of the Special Operations Brigade do not have to be in a section but can be. If they are in a section they have restrictions as follows:

  • They may not be a part of the UPC Presidency.
  • They may not be a part of the UPC Cabinet.
  • They may not be a part of the UPC Senate.
  • They may not be a part of the UPC House of Representatives.



Grand Admiral Cody

  • Grand Admiral: Cody
  • General: Shaak Ti
  • Commander: Arligan Zey
  • Commander: William H. McRaven
  • Chief Trainer: Splinter
  • Chief Trainer: Ordo
  • Chief Trainer: Tycho Celchu


  1. Team Alpha: "A-Team"
    1. Captain John "Hannibal" Smith
    2. Agent Templeton "Faceman" Peck
    3. Agent Bosco Albert "BA" Baracus
    4. Agent HM "Howling Mad" Murdock
  2. Team Beta:
    1. Captain Boss
    2. Agent Scorch
    3. Agent Sev
    4. Agent Fixer
  3. Team Gamma:
    1. Captain Mara Jade Skywalker
    2. Agent Tyvokka
    3. Agent Kam Solusar
    4. Agent X2
  4. Team Delta:
    1. Captain Annabeth Chase
    2. Agent Lou Ellen
    3. Agent Will Solace
    4. Agent Miranda Gardiner
  5. Team Epsilon:
    1. Captain Bren Derlin
    2. Agent Lando Calrissian
    3. Agent Zuckuss
    4. Agent 4-Lom
  6. Team Zeta:
    1. Captain Jet
    2. Agent Cooker
    3. Agent Davijaan
    4. Agent Lever
  7. Team Eta:
    1. Captain Keller
    2. Agent Razor
    3. Agent Warthog
    4. Agent Boo
  8. Team Theta:
    1. Captain Havoc
    2. Agent Shiv
    3. Agent Monnk
    4. Agent Kickback
  9. Team Iota:
    1. Captain Blackout
    2. Agent Kix
    3. Agent Jek
    4. Agent Goji
  10. Team Kappa:
    1. Captain Rilian
    2. Agent Trumpkin
    3. Agent Reepicheep
    4. Agent Jill Pole
  11. Team Lambda:
    1. Captain Selethen
    2. Agent Thorn
    3. Agent Shukin
    4. Agent Gilan
  12. Team Mu:
    1. Captain Khabarakh
    2. Agent Cakhmaim
    3. Agent Meewalh
    4. Agent Olmakh
  13. Team Nu:
    1. Captain Kirana Ti
    2. Agent Damaya
    3. Agent Sanola Ti
    4. Agent Chastina
  14. Team Xi:
    1. Captain Sirius "Padfoot" Black
    2. Agent Nymphadora Tonks
    3. Agent Severus Snape
    4. Agent Hermione Granger
  15. Team Omicron:
    1. Captain Blodhgarm
    2. Agent Angela
    3. Agent Shadowhunter
    4. Agent Skgahgrezh
  16. Team Pi:
    1. Captain Tuvok
    2. Agent Seven of Nine
    3. Agent B'Elanna Torres Paris
    4. Agent Hikaru Sulu
  17. Team Rho:
    1. Captain Cameron Mitchell
    2. Agent Samantha Carter
    3. Agent Teyla Emmagan
    4. Agent Teal'c
  18. Team Sigma:
    1. Captain Barratk'l
    2. Agent Kalifa
    3. Agent Callista Masana
    4. Agent Fy-Tor-Ana "Solace"
  19. Team Tau:
    1. Captain Bruce "Batman" Wayne
    2. Agent Barry "Flash Gordon" Allen
    3. Agent Samurai
    4. Agent Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan
  20. Team Upsilon:
    1. Captain Robert "Mr. Incredible" Parr
    2. Agent Helen "Elastigirl" Parr
    3. Agent Dashielle "Dash" Parr
    4. Agent Violet Parr
  21. Team Phi:
    1. Captain Amos Kane
    2. Agent Bast
    3. Agent Carter Kane
    4. Agent Sadie Kane
  22. Team Chi:
    1. Captain Domovoi Butler
    2. Agent Holly Short
    3. Agent Mulch Diggums
    4. Agent N1
  23. Team Psi:
    1. Captain Matau
    2. Agent Nuju
    3. Agent Onewa
    4. Agent Nokoma
  24. Team Omega:
    1. Captain Jaina Solo
    2. Agent Corran Horn
    3. Agent Kyp Durron
    4. Agent Anakin Solo
  25. Team Alpeph:
    1. Captain Sharad Hett
    2. Agent Bant Eerin
    3. Agent Jinx
    4. Agent Zekk Solo
  26. Team Beth:
    1. Captain Michael Knight
    2. Agent Knight Industries Two Thousand "KITT"
    3. Agent Indiana Jones
    4. Agent Bob Ho
  27. Team Gimel:
    1. Captain Cole
    2. Agent Zane
    3. Agent Kai
    4. Agent Jay
  28. Team Daleth:
    1. ​Captain Leonardo
    2. Captain Raphael
    3. Captain Donatello
    4. Captain Michelangelo
  29. Team He:
    1. Captain Ace Bunny
    2. Agent Tech Coyote
    3. Agent Slam Tasmanian
    4. Agent Danger Duck
  30. Team Zayin:
    1. ​Captain An'ya "Dark Woman" Kuro
    2. Agent Lissarkh
    3. Agent Voolvif Monn
    4. Agent O-Mer
  31. Team Heth:
    1. Captain Kyle Katarn
    2. Agent Streen
    3. Agent Raynar Thul
    4. Agent Azbeth
  32. Team Teth:
    1. Captain Brainy Barker
    2. Agent Tusky Husky
    3. Agent Hot Dog
    4. Agent Mammoth Mutt
  33. Team Yodh:
    1. Captain Krypto
    2. Agent Ace
    3. Agent Bull Dog
    4. Agent Tail Terrier
  34. Team Kaph:
    1. ​Captain Aayla Secura
    2. Agent Fives
    3. Agent Remus Lupin
    4. Agent Lee Fletcher
  35. Team Lamedh:
    1. Captain Steve "America" Rogers
    2. Agent Thor
    3. Agent Tony "Iron Man" Stark
    4. Agent Bruce "Hulk" Banner


Conejito (Bunny) Duo:

Special Agent: Lexi Bunny

Special Agent: Rev Runner

Aranea (Spider) Duo:

Special Agent: Peter "Spiderman" Parker

Special Agent: May "Spidergirl" "Mayday" Parker

Special AgentsEdit

Special Agent: Nya "Samurai"

Special Agent: Casey Jones

Special Agent: Alex Rider

Special Agent: Agen Kolar

Special Agent: Ethan Hunt

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