UPC Senate Symbol

UPC Senate Symbol

Note: You may be looking for the senate of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Senate, or for the senate of the United States, the US Senate.

The UPC Senate consists of one member from each section, often the most diplomatic and persuasive member, and is therefore based off of equal representation. More intricate laws that promote too much debate are handed from the UPC down to Congress (The Senate and House of Reps). Members of the Senate can also promote bills, whereas other UPC members can only promote bills in the UPC wide votes. The Senate is presided over by a Speaker of the Senate, an Assistant Speaker, and a Secretary of the Senate.

Speaker of the Senate:Edit

The duties of the Speaker of the Senate involve leading meetings in the Senate, voting like any other Senator, handing official duties, and acting as the Vice President of the UPC Government Council.

Speakers of the Senate:

Assistant Speaker:Edit

Onaconda farr

Onaconda Farr, Speaker of the Senate

The Assistant Speaker's duties mainly involve aiding the Speaker of the Senate in leading meetings, voting, acting as a member of the UPC Government Council, and filling in for the Speaker if he is busy. The Assistant Speaker would also succeed the Speaker if he was unable to perform his duties due to death, injury, health problems, capture, or impeachment.

Assistant Speakers:

Secretary of the Senate:Edit

The Secretary takes detailed notes of meetings, succeeds the Speaker if the Assistand Speaker cannot, and acts as a member of the UPC Government Council. The Secretary of the Senate also deals with many official duties.

Secretaries of the Senate:

  • John McCain [Current]


Each section has one senator that represents them in the UPC Senate. These senators are elected within the section. Typically, the standard procedure is to elect someone who is not a member of the section presidency. However, in smaller sections, that is not always possible, and in various sections, it is sometimes ignored. Presidents of sections cannot be senators, due to the fact that presidents are technically part of the Executive branch. Senators have unlimited terms. If someone is a Supreme Court Justice, member of the OCP, representative or a member of the UPC Presidency, they cannot be a senator. Conversely, senators cannot be Supreme Court Justices, member of the OCP, representatives, or Supreme Court Justices. These senators participate in discussion, debates, elections, and votes in the UPC Senate. Senators can promote bills, and can approve bills if they are handed to the UPC Senate from the UPC Presidency or UPC Government Council.


  • Adi Gallia (I) [Assistant Speaker]
  • Satine Kryze (II) [Speaker of the Senate]
  • Fairy Queen (III)
    Satine Kryze

    Satine Kryze, Speaker of the Senate.

  • Valentine Wiggen (IV)
  • Nyota Uhura (V)
  • Hylla (VI)
  • Lucy Pevensie (VII)
  • Pauline (VIII)
  • Nicholas Sarkozy (IX)
  • Olympe Maxine (X)
  • Arya Drottningu (XI) [Secretary]
  • Gaeriel Captison (XII)
  • Katniss Everdeen (XIII)
  • Ruth Sorenson (XIV)
  • Vision (XV)
  • Malinda May (XVI)