Tendau Bendon
Tendau Bendon (Ithorian)


Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate Member

Organization/Advisory Councils

  • 2nd Foreign Species Council: Member
  • Provisions Council: Member


Galactic Republic Army: Sergeant

Other (UPC)


Home Planet/Species


Outside Affiliations

  • Galactic Republic
  • Galactic Senate
  • Delegation of the 2000

Primary Weapon


Tendau Bendon is a member of Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Tendau Bendon is a senator in the Galactic Senate, representing his home planet, Ithor. He was part of the Delegation of the 2000, along with many members of his section.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Bendon is a member of the 2nd Foreign Species Council, representing his species, the Ithorians. He is also a member of the Provisions Council.


Bendon is a Sergeant in the Galactic Republic Army.


Senator (Galactic Senate)

Sergeant (Galactic Republic Army)


  • Various Old Republic Era Books

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