Section V: Star Trek Enterprise Secretary

Organization/Advisory Councils


Star Trek Army: Captain

Other (UPC)


Home Planet/Species

Vulcan/Human & Vulcan

Outside Affiliations

  • Starfleet
  • Starship Enterprise

Primary Weapon

Class B Phaser

Spock is the secretary of Section V: Star Trek Enterprise.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Spock is part human and part Vulcan. He is the son of a human mother and a Vulan father. He grew up on Vulcan, where he was made fun of for being a half breed and got an education. Spock entered Starfleet, and was assigned to the starship Enterprise. He also taught numerous students, including James Kirk and Nyota Uhura. After Captain Christopher Pike had to leave the ship to negotiate with the Romulans during an attack, Spock automatically became Captain. However, after attacking Kirk out of anger, Kirk became Captain, though he appointed Spock as Commander. Spock has kept that position on the starshp Enterprise with the rest of the crew as they continue to battle their enemies and explore the galaxy.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Spock is a member of the Diplomats and Investigative Councils, and the 2nd Rep of the Technology Council.


Spock is a Captain in the Star Trek Army.


Commander (Enterprise)

Captain (Former Enterprise and Star Trek Army)

Ambassador (Starfleet)

Secretary (Section)

2nd Rep (Technology Council)