Spiderman (Peter Parker)

Former Section/Assigned Section

  • Former Section XII: Spiderman President
  • Section III

UPC Army/Rank:

UPC Special Operations Brigade:Special Agent

Home Planet/Species:

  • Earth
  • Spider Human Hybrid (Superhero)


  • Horizon Labs

Primary Weapon:

Superpowers: Webs

Security Clearance:

Class C

Spiderman, also known as Peter Parker, a high school part-time photographer, is a superhero with powers that were caused by an unusual spider bite. Spiderman is also a former member of the former section Section XII: Spiderman, and the original Secretary of the UPC, though he was replaced by Chiron of Section VI: Camp Half-Blood in the following election, and never returned to the UPC Presidency. He is now a Special Agent in the UPC Special Operations Brigade with his sister, Special Agent Spidergirl, in the Aranea Duo.