Giddean danu

Giddean Danu, member of Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate

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Sections are the main unit of organization for the UPC. Sections are governed by a standard presidency, consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and presidency assistant. However, sections were formerly only governed by a president, vice president, and secretary. Sections must consist of four members, though that was not formerly required. The UPC first started out with fourteen sections, most of which still remain. Some sections were removed, however, due to certain propositions that disallowed many sections to be part of the UPC, and lost their rights for direct representation.


Each section has one senator that represents them in the UPC Senate. These senators are elected within the section. Typically, the standard procedure is to elect someone who is not a member of the section presidency. However, in smaller sections, that is not always possible, and in larger sections, it is sometimes ignored. Presidents of sections cannot be senators, due to the fact that presidents are technically part of the Executive branch. Senators have unlimited terms. If someone is a Supreme Court Justice, member of the OCP, representative or a member of the UPC Presidency, they cannot be a senator. Conversely, senators cannot be Supreme Court Justices, member of the OCP, representatives, or Supreme Court Justices.

Sections PresidenciesEdit

Sections presidencies, once again, consist of five members: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and presidency assistant. Formerly, however, there were only three members of the presidency. Those represented by this section appoint the members and president by an election. The other members of the presidency are appointed by the section president (and approved by a UPC wide vote). Sections presidencies often reflect the order of authority and power in their organization or group. Presidents of sections can run for the UPC Presidency if they have not already served three terms as UPC President, and if they are not UPC Supreme Court Justices. If they cannot run, the vice president of the section can. The same goes for the vice president and secretary, and the secretary and treasurer. Presidency assistants cannot run. Presidents of sections cannot be senators or representatives, and other members of the presidency typically aren't, but presidents (and other members of the presidency) can be UPC Supreme Court Justices.

List of Sections:Edit

  • Section IX: Earth
Jeff flake

Jeff Flake, secretary of Section IX: Earth

  • Section X: Wizards

List of Former Sections:Edit