This section is made up of clone troopers that serve in the Clone Wars.
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This section was first part of the Section II: Galactic Republic, but was split into three groups (Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate, Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones, and Section XXVI:Galactic Republic: Other), with this as one of them. After a couple years the three sections were put back together to make Section II: Galactic Republic. The original members of this section were Commander Cody and Captain Rex. The presidency of this section is as follows: Commander Cody, president. Captain Rex, vice president. Commander Bly, secretary. Commander Gree, treasurer. Commander Wolffe, presidency assistant. Commander Cody, Commander Fox, and Captain Alpha-17 are the only clones currently in Section II: Galactic Republic.


This section contributes mainly to the Clone Army, but a very small number to the Galactic Republic Army.

Members List:Edit

Commander Cody (President)

Captain Rex (Vice President)

Commander Bly (Secretary)

Commander Gree (Treasurer)

Commander Wolffe (Presidency Assistant)

Commander Fox (Former Presidency Assistant)

Commander Fil

Commander Bacara

Commadner Neyo

Commander Stone

Commander Ponds

Commander Oddball

Commander Deviss

Commander Jet

Commander Colt

Commander Blitz

Commander Trauma

Commander Keller

Commander Appo

Captain Keeli

Captain Climber

Captain Alpha-17

Lieutenant Hawk