This section is comprised of members of the Justice League and other DC characters. 

History Edit

Members Edit

Clark “Superman” Kent (President)

Bruce “Batman” Wayne (Vice President)

Diana “Wonder Woman” Prince (Secretary)

Barry “Flash” Allen (Treasurer)

Green Lantern (Presidenecy Assistant)

Oliver “Arrow” “Green Arrow” “Hood” Queen (Senator)

Aurthur “Aqua Man” Currie 

Roy “Arsenal” Harper

Sara “Canary” Lance

Laural “Black Carnary” Lance

John “Spartan” Diggle

Felicity Smoak

Francisco Ramone

Kaitlin Snow

John “Robin” Blake

Ronnie “Firestorm” Raymond

Martin “Firestorm” Stein

Jefferson “Firstorm” Jackson

Ray “Atom Man” Palmer

Thea “Speedy” Queen

Wally “Kid Flash” West

Harrison “Harry” Wells

Rip Hunter

Mick "Heat Wave" Rory

Leonard “Captain Cold” "Chronos" Snart

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