Star Trek

Note: You might be looking for Section IX: Star Trek Voyager

This section. is mainly comprised of crewmembers of the starship Enterprise, but also has some other Starfleet members.


Section V: Star Trek Enterprise, commonly referred was not one of the Founding Sections, nor was it one of the Original Sections. This section was added a while after the creation of the UPC, and replaced Section V: The Gods. Admiral Pike has always been the president, with Captain James Kirk as vice president and Spock as secretary. Pavel Chekov was formerly treasurer with Nyota Uhura as presidency assistant, but a proposition was successfully put forth that resulted in Montgomery Scott becoming treasurer, Pavel Chekov as PA, and Nyota Uhura as simply a member. The other members and the backup have all been in their positions and remained in their positions since the creation of this section. The addition of Captain Richard Robau as Assistant Backup was a recent addition.


This section contributes to the Star Trek Army. The official weapon of this section is the Class B Phaser

Members ListEdit

Christopher Pike (President)
Admiral Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike

James Kirk (Vice President)

Spock (Secretary)

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (Treasurer)

Pavel Chekov (PA) (Former Treasurer)

Nyota Uhura (Former PA) (Senator)

Hikaru Sulu (Representative)
Hikaru sulu

Hikaru Sulu

Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Representative)

George Kirk (Backup)

Richard Robau (Assistant Backup)