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This section is comprised of crew members of the starship Voyager, and former members of the organization, the Maquis.


Section IX: Star Trek Voyager was one of the Founding Sections and one of the Original Sections. When the emissaries proposing the creation of the UPC were received, the crew was skeptical at first, but eventually accepted and put forward their support. The presidency comprised of Captain Kathryn Janeway as president, Commander Chakotay as vice president, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok as secretary, and Lieutenant Tom Paris as treasurer. Lieutenant B'Elanna Tores was later appointed as presidency assistant. Seven of Nine and Harry Kim were members since the creation of the section. Doctor Joe and Kes were added for the sake of the Medical Council, and Neelix for the Provisions Council. Though many people have been backups and assistant backups before him, Icheb is the current backup. The section is still trying to decide who to appoint as the assistant backup.


This section contributes to the Star Trek Army. The official weapon of this section is the Class A Phaser.

Members ListEdit

  • Captain Kathryn Janeway (President)
    Kathryn Janeway, 2377

    Captain Janeway

  • Commander Chakotay (Vice President)
  • Lieutenant Tom Paris (Secretary)
  • Ensign Harry Kim (Treasurer)
  • Neelix (PA)
  • Nurse Kes (Representative)
  • Doctor Joe
  • Icheb (Backup)
  • Akolo Tare (Assistant Backup)