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This section is comprised of members of the Galactic Republic Senate, whether they are senators, representatives, aides, chancellors, etc.


Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate was one of the Founding Sections, choosing Senator Padme Amidala to be sent by Yoda with Obi-Wan Kenobi to act as diplomats to begin the UPC. It was also one of the Original Sections, which is how it came to be Section 2. This section was initially comprised of any members of the UPC loyal to the Galactic Republic, except the Jedi, and was called Section II: Galactic Republic. This section was later split into three sections: Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate, Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones, and Section XXVI:Galactic Republic: Other. The presidency was initially comprised of four members: Senator Padme Amidala, President. Senator Bail Organa, Vice President. Captain Roos Tarpals, Secretary. Captain Panaka, Treasurer. Commander Cody was later added as Presidency Assistant before the section split. The current presidency is Chancellor Bail Organa, President. Vice Chancellor Padme Amidala, Vice President. Senator Onaconda Farr, Secretary. Senator Fang Zar, Treasurer. Senator Riyo Chuchi, Presidency Assistant. The members list was formerly (not including the people removed due to the Section split and presidency members) Finis Valorum, Giddean Danu, Mas Amedda, Male-Dee, Horox Ryyder, and Tendau Bendon. Jar Jar Binks was later added for the Relief Efforts Council, and Kharrus and Halle Burtoni were very recently added due to a proposition proposing that more members be added. Captain Rex, Admiral Wullf Yularen, and Senator Mas Amedda were all backups and assistant backups at different times, and Aide Agrippa Aldrete was formelry an assistant backup also, but the current backups are Senator Sei Taria as backup, and Senator Meena Tills as assistant backup.


This section contributes to the Galactic Republic Army. The official weapon of this section is the blaster.

Members List:Edit

Bail Organa (President) (Former Vice President)
Bail organa

Bail Organa

Padme Amidala (Vice President) (Former President)

Onaconda Farr (Secretary) (Senator)

Fang Zar (Treasurer) (Former Backup) (Representative)

Riyo Chuchi (Presidency Assistant) (Representative)

Finis Valorum

Mas Amedda (Former Backup)



Tendau Bendon

Horox Ryyder


Giddean Danu

Jar Jar Binks (Representative)


Halle Burtoni

Sei Taria (Backup)

Meena Tills (Assistant Backup)

Former Members:Edit

Captain Roos Tarpals (Former Secretary) (Other)

Captain Panaka (Former Treasurer) (Other)

Commander Cody (Former Presidency Assistant) (Clone)

Captain Rex (Former Backup) (Clone)

King Katuunko (Other)

Duchess Satine (Other)

Nakha Urus (Other)

Tarfful (Former Backup) (Other)

Thi-Sen (Other)

Admiral Wullf Yularen (Former Backup) (Other)

Captain Typho (Other)

Agrippa Aldrete (Former Assistant Backup) (Removed)