Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones

Organization/Advisory Councils

Weapons Training Council: Secretary


Clone Army: Grand General

Other (UPC)


Home Planet/Species

Kamino/Human (Clone)

Outside Affiliations

  • Galactic Republic
  • Grand Army of the Republic
  • 501st Legion
  • Torrent Company

Primary Weapon

DC-17 hand blasters

Rex is the vice president of Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones. He was formerly a member of Section II: Galactic Republic (now Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate), but was put in the Clone Section once it was made. He used to be a Senator in the UPC Senate for the Section 25, but was taken out, and Commander Stone was voted as the new Senator.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Captain Rex is a clone trooper captain under the command of Jedi General, Anakin Skywalker. He also served and still serves with Jedi Commander, Ahsoka Tano. He leads the Torrent Company, a famous clone company. He carried and used two DC-17 hand blasters, but he could also use other common clone trooper weapons. He participated in a number of battles, including the Second Battle of Kamino (also known as the Defense of Kamino). His number is CT-7567.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Rex is the Weapons Training Council Secretary, with his comrade, Commander Cody as vice president.


Captain Rex is a Grand General in the Clone Army, but was just a General formerly, and before that was a (S) Commander next to Commander Gree. He was promoted when Cody was made an Admiral (then Grand Admiral) because the Clone Army was too big for one official. He ch
Dc-17 hand blaster

DC-17 hand blasters

ose Commander Bly to be the Succesive Commander, but no one knows it except for him, Cody, and the other high-ranking people that are allowed to know such important matters.


Vice President (Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones)

Vice President's Official Assistant (Former UPC)

Secretary (Weapons Training Council)

Clone trooper captain (GAR)

Senator (Former UPC Senate)

Grand General (Clone Army)

Commander (Former Clone Army)

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