Yoda the first president and founder of the UPC.

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The President of the UPC is the highest position in the entire Universal Protection Council.


The President of the UPC is the highest position, and is the presiding member of the Government Council. The President is elected by popular vote by the systems and countries loyal to the UPC. Only presidents of sections (and vice-treasurers whose higher presidency members are no longer eligible) are eligible to run. The president is accompanied by the traditional Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Presidency Assistant. The president may serve three 3-month terms, and then he/she is no longer eligible to run, making the vice president of their section eligible. The president may veto a law passed by Congress (The UPC House of Reps and Senate), and appoints the twenty-one members of the UPC Supreme Court. The President also serves as the Commander-in-Chief, and is not allowed to serve in any one UPC Army.


So far, there have been five Presidents of the UPC. Jedi Master Yoda, president of Section I: Jedi was the first President elected,
Mon mothma

President Mon Mothma, the first female President of the UPC.

and after terms were decided was elected again, but has now served his second term after a close tie with Clone Commander Cody. Yoda was elected again and served his third and final term as President of the UPC. On December 14th of 2012, a huge re-election took place, encompassing five different major organization's presidencies, and including the Presidency of the UPC. Yoda stepped down and Aslan, former Vice President of the UPC and president of Section VII: Narnia was elected as President. Yoda was appointed as a Supreme Court Justice by Aslan, and was elected as the Chief Justice of the UPC Supreme Court. But after Aslan's 3rd term he had to step down as well. So then Chiron of Section VI: Camp Half-Blood was elected. Again after Chiron's third election he had to step down and Bail Organa of Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate. Finally after three terms he had to step down and former Vice President Current President Mon Mothma of Section XV: The Rebel Alliance took his place.





Bail Organa

Mon Mothma