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This page is about the general role of a president, especially in the UPC.


The general duties of a president is to conduct meetings, sign official documents, and essentially lead the organization. The president is often assisted in these duties by the vice president, who may step in when the president is temporarily (or permanently) unable to lead. Duties of the president may vary, depending on what the person is the president of. "President" mainly refers to the leader of a group, and is typically elected. The body they are over normally decide the specific duties of the president, therefore "president" is a general term.

Presidents in the UPCEdit

President (UPC):Edit

The President of the UPC is the top position in the entire UPC. This person is also the Commander-in-Chief of the UPC Army. They are allowed to have 3 three-month terms.

President (Section):Edit

The president of the section is the leader of the section, and normally has no terms. Only presidents of sections can run for the position of President of the UPC, unless the president has already had their three terms, in which case a lower officer can run.

President (OC):Edit

The president of an Organization Council is first recommended by the OCP President (originally, they were nominated), then voted on by the members of the OC. If it passes, he is elected. If not, the members of the OC nominate people for the position. They essentially lead the Organization Council, sign official documents, run the meeting, etc.

President (Org/Com):Edit

Presidents of organizations and committees within the UPC, such as the Master Swordsman and the Skilled Swordsman, may vary, depending on the body it runs. They are generally elected by popular vote, lead the body, and run meetings.

President (UPC Base)Edit

Presidents of UPC Bases are responsible for working out the more financial, administrative, and practical aspects of the UPC Base that they are president. The General is responsible for reporting to the president the needs and activities of the Base, who then reports them to the rest of the UPC.

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