Ninjago,SG1,Incredibles Army
The Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army is one of the original UPC Armies.

Description and HistoryEdit

The Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army is a very small Army, made up of less than 64 members. Though it is mostly made up of Superheroes, such as the Incredibles, it is also made up of a small group of Spinjitzu Ninjas and the SG-1 Team from the United States.

The top 16 ranks consist of the Incredibles team, the SG-1 team, and the Spinjitzu Ninjas. Most of the lower ranks consist of other superheroes.

This Army was originally led by Sensei Wu (Ninjas) as General, with George Hammond (SG-1) as S. Commander Mr. Incredible (Incredibles) as Commander. However, Wu was promoted to Admiral, resulting in George Hammond's promotion to General, and Jack O'Neill's (SG-1) promotion to Commander. Though Mr. Incredible was first appointed as successive because he had been a Commander longer than O'Neill, it was changed to have O'Neill become successive due to his military experience.

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Sensei wu

Admiral Wu

Admiral: Wu

General: George Hammond

S. Commander: Jack O'Neill

Commander: Mr. Incredible.

Chief Captain: Teal'c

Captain: Cole

Captain: Frozone

Captain: Samantha Carter

S. Chief Lieutenant: Kai

Chief Lieutenant: Zane

Notable MembersEdit

George hammond

Grand General George Hammond

Wu: Admiral

George Hammond: General

Jack O'Neill: S. Commander

Mr. Incredible: Commander

Teal'c: Chief Captain

Cole: Captain

Frozone: Captain

Samantha Carter: Captain

Dashelle parr

Lieutenant Dashelle Parr

Kai: S. Chief Lieutenant

Zane: Chief Lieutenant

Elastigirl: Lieutenant

Dashelle Parr: Lieutenant

Violet Parr: Lieutenant

Daniel Jackson: Lieutenant

Jay: Lieutenant

Nya: Lieutenant

Gazerbeam: Colonel

Jack-Jack Parr: Colonel