Michael Yew
Michael yew


Section VI: The Lightning Thief Unofficial 2nd PA

Organization/Advisory Councils

  • Medical Council: Treasurer
  • Morale Council: Representative
  • Council of Reps: Member


Half-Blood Army: Captain

Other (UPC)

  • UPC House of Reps: Member
  • New York Base: General

Home Planet/Species

Earth/Human (Demigod)

Outside Affiliations

  • Camp Half-Blood
  • Apollo Cabin
  • Master Archers (Treasurer)

Primary Weapon

Bow and Arrow

Michael Yew is a member and the Unofficial 2nd PA of Section VI: The Lightning Thief, and a representative of his section in the UPC House of Reps. Yew is also the General of the New York Base, one of the fifteen main UPC Military Bases. He is responsible for working out the military, security, defense, and training aspects of the base. Yew also works out the more administrative, financial, and practical aspects of the base with its president, Chiron. Michael Yew is responsible for reporting to Chiron the activities and needs of the base, who then reports them to the rest of the UPC.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Michael Yew is a Greek demigod son of Apollo, and the Head Counselor of the Apollo Cabin at Camp Half-Blood. He is a very skilled archer, his main weapon being the bow and arrow. Yew is the brother of Lee Fletcher, Will Solace, Austin, and Kayla. He is currently serving as the Treasurer of the Master Archers.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Michael Yew is the treasurer of the Medical Council due to the fact that he is the son of the god of healing, the representative of the Morale Council due to the fact that his father is the god of music, and is a member of the Council of Reps.


Yew is a Captain in the Half-Blood Army. He works directly under Commander Percy Jackson, co-works with Captain Nico Di Angelo, and is the direct commanding officer of Lieutenants Pollux and Tyson.


Captain (Half-Blood Army)

Head Counselor (Apollo Cabin)

Treasurer (Medical Council and Master Archers)

Representative (Morale Council)

Unofficial 2nd PA (Section)

General (New York Base)