Maxwell Smart
Maxwell smart

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Control Army: Captain

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  • Control
  • Agent Section

Primary Weapon


Security Clearance

Class E

Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, also known as "Max", was secretary of Section IV: Control up until the section was removed from the UPC.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Maxwell Smart is Agent 86 of Control, and Head of the Agent Section. He is very clumsy, disoriented, and crazy, but has somehow made his way up into high positions. He has taken over for Chief of Control a couple times to act as Control's chief. He is the husband of Agent 99 of Control, and is the father of two twins. His primary weapon is a handgun.

Organization CouncilsEdit

When Max was a member of the UPC, he served as a member of the Spy Council, and its former president. He was removed in the re-election. He was also vice president of the Morale Council. He was nearly its president, but lost in a close tie with Aslan of Section VII: Narnia.


Maxwell Smart was a Chief Lieutenant in the A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army up until it was transformed into the Control Army, with the A-Team and Knight Rider parts removed.


Secretary (Section)

Head (Control- Agent Section)

President- (Former Spy Council)

Vice President- (Former Morale Council)

Chief Lieutenant (Former A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army)

Captain (Control Army)

Chief (Briefly Control)


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