This is a list of all people who aren't Jedi who have Lightsaber Permits. Lightsaber Permits give people the right to own a lightsaber, train with one, use it in extreme circumstances, and with specified permission from authorized individuals, can use it for normal combat on day-to-day missions. In the Jedi Order, once a youngling is accepted into a clan, they are given a lightsaber permit. For non-Jedi, training has to occur first, and then many people have to assess their swordfighting abilities, skills, and other things to decide whether the person is worthy. You have to have a permit for one year before you can get a license. Though this regulation has not always existed, non-Jedi with permits must choose a mentor (or have a mentor choose them) to train lightsaber fighting with. You have to train with this mentor for a total of 100 hrs, and you have to go on 5 real missions with your mentor, using a lightsaber. To get a permit, you normally have to have exceptional skills with a sword, and you normally must have some sort of superhuman ability, such as being a demigod or one of the Spinjitzu Ninjas. However, exceptional skill with a sword can sometimes eliminate the need for superhuman abilities. The only non-Jedi to hold permits that aren't ninjas, ninja trainers, Dragon Riders, or demigods are Carter Kane, who is a descendant of the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Egyptian Gods, and Peter and Edmund Pevensie, who have somehow been given incredible sword-fighting powers by Aslan. Listed here are the only Non-Jedi to hold Lightsaber Permits, and their mentors are in parentheses.