Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Leonard mccoy


Section V: Star Trek Enterprise Member

Organization/Advisory Councils

  • Medical Council: Representative
  • Council of Reps: Secretary/Acting President


Star Trek Army: Colonel

Other (UPC)

  • UPC House of Reps: Member

Home Planet/Species


Outside Affiliations

  • Starfleet
  • Starship Enterprise

Primary Weapon

Class B Phaser

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is a member of Section V: Star Trek Enterprise. McCoy is also a representative of his section in the UPC House of Reps.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Dr. Leonard McCoy is the Chief Medical Officer and of the starship Enterprise, and is a friend of James Kirk. They met at the Starfleet Academy, and McCoy was the one who got him onto Enterprise even after Kirk's punishment. McCoy, or "Bones", his nickname, acts as Kirk's conscience, complementing Spock's logical advice. McCoy was on Enterprise under Christopher Pike's command when the ship was attacked by the Romulans.

Organization CouncilsEdit

McCoy is currently the representative of the Medical Council, and though he was elected as the secretary of the Council of Reps, he is currently the acting president due to the fact that he is the only remaining member of its presidency. They are planning on having a re-election of the its presidency after the other OCs have their re-elections.


Though Bones lacks much experience in battle and combat, he is a Colonel in the Star Trek Army. He was formerly a Lieutenant, but was demoted.


Chief Medical Officer/Doctor (Enterprise)

Representative (UPC House of Reps and Medical Council)

Secretary (Council of Reps)

Acting President (Council of Reps)

Lieutenant (Former Star Trek Army)

Colonel (Star Trek Army)