John "Hannibal" Smith

Assigned Section:


UPC Special Operations Brigade: Captain

Home Planet/Species:



  • US Army
  • A-Team

Primary Weapon:


Security Clearance:

Class C

Note: You may be looking for the US Secretary of State John McCain.

John "Hannibal" Smith is the president of Section III: A-Team.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

John Smith was nicknamed "Hannibal" due to his tactical genius. He was formerly a Colonel in the USA army, but was arrested due to a false charge. He escaped, along with his fellow army soldiers, Captain HM Murdock, Lieutenant Templeton "Face" Peck, and Sergeant BA Baracus. His primary weapon is a black handgun. He is currently the leader of the A-Team. They dodged the law for a long time, but have since been made legal and were proclaimed innocent.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Hannibal is a member of the Tactics Council and the Spy Council.


Hannibal is the General of the A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army, though he was formerly only a Commander.


General (A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army)

Colonel (Former US Army)

President (Section)

Commander (Former A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army)


  • The A-Team, Seasons 1-5

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