Jack-Jack Parr


Section X: Incredibles Assistant Backup


Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army: Colonel

Other (UPC)

  • Section X: Incredibles: Former Member

Home Planet/Species

Earth/Human (Superhero)

Outside Affiliations

  • Incredibles

Primary Weapon

Superpowers- Shapeshifting

Jack-Jack is the assistant backup and former member of Section X: Incredibles. He was removed from the section due to his young age, and was later given the position of assistant backup.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Jack-Jack is a very young (7 yrs) Superhero, with a wide variety of powers, mainly involving shapeshifting. He is the younger brother of Dashelle Parr and Violet Parr, and the son of Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, and Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl.


Jack-Jack is a Colonel in the Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army.


Colonel (Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army)

Assistant Backup (Section)

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