George Kirk
George kirk


Section V: Star Trek Enterprise Backup


Star Trek Army: Lieutenant

Other (UPC)

  • Starship UPC Base: General

Home Planet/Species


Outside Affiliations

  • Starfleet
  • Starship Kelvin
  • Starship UPC

Primary Weapon

Class B Phaser

Captain George Kirk is the backup of Section V: Star Trek Enterprise. Because of his rank of Captain on the Starship UPC, Kirk is also the General of the Starship UPC Base, one of the UPC's secret meeting bases. Kirk is responsible for the military, defense, security, and training aspects of the ship/base, and is responsible for working out its more administrative, financial, and practical aspects with the base's president, Christopher Pike. Kirk is also supposed to report its needs and activities to Pike, who then reports them to the rest of the UPC.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Captain George Kirk was formerly the Commander of the Starfleet starship Kelvin with Richard Robau as the Captain, but after the ship came under attack by the Romulans, Robau left the ship to negotiate with them. He appointed Kirk to be the ship's Captain right before departing, which was good because Robau was captured by the Romulans and barely managed to escape at the end of the battle between Enterprise and the Romulans. However, Robau was so badly crippled at that point that he retired from active duty. Kirk had everyone evacuate the ship, and managed to get the ship to crash into the Romulan ship on auto-pilot, and escaped right in time. However, his ship was damaged during the escape, and he crash-landed on a planet where he stayed in exile for years until he was finally found. Kirk is now the Captain of the Starship UPC one of the UPC's secret meeting bases. Though he is the Captain of the starship, Admiral Christopher Pike is the Admiral and highest officer on the starship. Kirk is also the father of the Captain of the Starfleet Starship Enterprise, James Kirk.


George Kirk was recently promoted from Colonel to Lieutenant in the Star Trek Army when the matter was brought to Admiral Kathryn Janeway's and General Christopher Pike's attention, and they realized that the choice of promotion was obvious. He took the place of former Lieutenant Leonard McCoy, who was consequently demoted to Colonel.


Lieutenant (Star Trek Army)

Colonel (Former Star Trek Army)

Commander (Former Kelvin)

Captain (Former Kelvin and UPC)

Backup (Section)

General (Starship UPC Base)