Galactic Republic Army
Note: You may be looking for the similarly named UPC Army, the New Republic Army.

The Galactic Republic Army, also known as the Old Republic Army (in contrast with the New Republic Army), is currently the largest UPC Army in existence, and one of the first armies formed.

Description and HistoryEdit

The Galactic Republic Army is a UPC Army made up of millions to billions of members. It is made up of all armies loyal to the Galactic Republic, excepting the Jedi, most Clone Troopers, and many pilots, who belong to
Admiral Kilian

Shoan Kilian, Grand General

the Jedi Army, Clone Army, and SW Pilots Army. Because this UPC Army is made up of various planetary and system militaries, there is a great variety and mixture in the members of the Army.

The higher ranks are made up of Admirals and other high-ranking and non-clone officers from the Grand Army of the Republic, Senators, other Senatorial personnel, various warriors and combatants, and a couple Clone Troopers. Senators hold these ranks because they are prominent enough in the Galactic Republic to be making these important decisions, and because of their skill in planning and organization. The high-ranking and non-clone officers from the GAR are usually the Galactic Republic's best tacticians and deserve these high roles. Clone Troopers, warriors, and other combatants are added for experience in battle and in fighting on the front lines.

When this army was formed, Wullf Yularen was the General with Padme Amidala and Bail Organa as
Padme amidala

Padme Amidala, Commander

Commanders due to the fact that they hold the highest positions in the Galactic Republic. Amidala was at first appointed to be successive because of her experience in battle, but that was later changed. When Yularen was promoted to Admiral (and later Grand Admiral), it became necessary to appoint a new General, but neither Amidala or Organa appealed to Yularen as a General. The Chief Captain, Shoan Kilian, was a non-clone and very high-ranking officer in the GAR, and Yularen promoted him instead. They decided from then on that Organa and Amidala would remain as Commanders, but the Chief Captain would the General's successive. The current successive of the General is Chief Captain Dao.

This Army is run by Section II: Galactic: Republic Senate and Section XXVI: Galactic Republic: Other, but is also contributed on a much smaller level by Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones.


Wullf yulare

Wullf Yularen, Grand Admiral

Grand Admiral: Wullf Yularen

Grand General: Shoan Kilian

Commander: Padme Amidala

Commander: Bail Organa

S. Chief Captain: Dao

Captain: Tarfful

Captain: Panaka

Captain: Coburn

S. Chief Lieutenant: Roos Tarpals

Chief Lieutenant: Gregar Typho

Notable MembersEdit

Bail organa large

Bail Organa, Commander

Wullf Yularen: Grand Admiral

Shoan Kilian: Grand General

Padme Amidala: Commander

Bail Organa: Commander

Dao: S. Chief Captain

Tarfful: Captain

Panaka: Captain

Coburn: Captain

Roos Tarpals: S. Chief Lieutenant

Captain typhi

Gregar Typho, Chief Lieutenant

Gregor Typho: Chief Lieutenant

Thi-Sen: Lieutenant

Cham Syndulla: Lieutenant

Merumeru: Lieutenant

Katuunko: Lieutenant

Satine Kryze: Lieutenant

Onaconda Farr: Lieutenant

CC Climber: S. Chief Colonel


Sugi, Chief Colonel

Sugi: Chief Colonel

Tae Boon: Chief Colonel

Lachichuk: Chief Colonel

Rugor Nass: Colonel

Yarua: Colonel

Horox Ryyder: Colonel


Nym, Colonel

Embo: Colonel

Giddean Danu: Colonel

Male-Dee: Colonel

Nym: Colonel

N. Papanoida: Colonel

Mas Amedda: Colonel

Guanta: Colonel

Riyo Chuchi: Colonel

Finis Valorum: Colonel