Edna Mode

Assigned Section:


Various UPC Armies: Weapons Designer and Supplier

Home Planet/Species:



  • Incredibles Team

Primary Weapon:


Security Clearance:

Class E

Edna was a member of  Section X: Incredibles until its removal from the UPC. Mode was mainly added to the UPC due to the creation of the Beauty Council, but remained in the UPC after its cancellation.

Biographical InformationEdit

Edna Mode is a supersuit designer for many superheroes, including Mr. Incredible and his team. She is short and uses highly advanced technology.

Organization CouncilsEdit

During her time in the UPC, Edna Mode served in the Technology Council and the Manufacturing Council.

UPC ArmyEdit

Mode is not a member of any army, but does design and supply specialized armor and weaponry for the Incredibles Army and other Armies in the UPC.



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