Clarisse La Rue
Clarisse La Rue


Section VI: The Lightning Thief Presidency Assistant

Organization/Advisory Councils

  • Weapons Training Council: 2nd Rep
  • Security Council: Representative
  • Council of Reps: Member


Half-Blood Army: Chief Captain

Other (UPC)

  • New York Base: Commander

Home Planet/Species

Earth/Human (Demigod)

Outside Affiliations

  • Camp Half-Blood
  • Ares Cabin (Head Counselor)

Primary Weapon

Electric Spear

Clarisse La Rue is the presidency assistant of Section VI: The Lightning Thief. She is also the Commander of the New York Base, the second-in-command to its General, Michael Yew. Clarisse is responsible for managing the military, defense, security, and training aspects of the base with General Yew. Clarisse covers for him in running the base when he is busy.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Clarisse La Rue is the Greek demigod daughter of Ares. She has spent many years at the training summer camp, Camp Half-Blood, is the Head Counselor of the Ares Cabin, and is very skilled in combat and battle tactics. Though she is known to be somewhat of a bully, she is still a good character and typically fights for the right side. She is the rival of the famous half-bloods Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson, but though they would never show it or say it, both Percy and Clarisse secretly care for each other as friends, and are concerned for the other's welfare. Clarisse is the girlfriend of Chris Rodriguez, the half-sister of Frank Zhang, Mara Jade Skywalker, Sherman, and Mark (her second in command), the granddaughter of Zeus and Hera, the great-granddaughter of Kronos, the great-great-granddaughter of Ouranos and Gaea, and the great-great-great-granddaughter of Chaos. Clarisse is an apprentice in lightsaber training to her half-sister, Mara Jade Skywalker.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Clarisse is the representative of the Security Council, the 2nd Rep of the Weapons Training Council, and a member of the Council of Reps.


Clarisse is the Chief Captain of the Half-Blood Army, though she was formerly only a Captain. Clarisse works directly under Commander Annabeth Chase, co-works with Captain Connor Stoll, and is the direct commanding officer of Lieutenants Leo Valdez and Grover Underwood.


Head Counselor (Ares Cabin)

Chief Captain (Half-Blood Army)

Representative (Security Council)

2nd Representative (Weapons Training Council)

Presidency Assistant (Section)

Commander (New York Base)