Christopher Pike
Admiral Christopher Pike


Section V: Star Trek Enterprise President

Organization/Advisory Councils

Tactics Council: Member


Star Trek Army: Grand General

Other (UPC)

  • Starship UPC Base: General

Home Planet/Species


Outside Affiliations

  • Starship Enterprise
  • Starfleet

Primary Weapon

Class B Phaser

Christopher Pike is the president of Section V: Star Trek Enterprise. Pike is also the president of te Starship UPC Base, one of the UPC's secret meeting bases, mainly because he is the Admiral of the ship and normally lives on it, so he is familiar with its needs and activities and is already the highest ranking person on the ship. He is responsible for working out the more administrative, financial, and practical aspects of the base/ship with its General, George Kirk (who is also its Captain). George Kirk is responsible for reporting all the ship's needs and activities to Pike (though Pike knows most of them anyway since he normally lives on the ship), and Pike is supposed to then report the information to the rest of the UPC.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Christopher Pike was the former Captain of the starship Enterprise, but was promoted to Admiral after a strange and nearly fatal incident. Captain James Kirk is the new Captain of the ship. Pike frequently participates in missions on the starship.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Pike is a member of the Tactics Council.


Pike is the Grand General and former General and Commander of the Star Trek Army. He was promoted from Commander to General in accordance with Admiral Kathryn Janeway's promotion from General to Admiral, and then was promoted from General to Grand General when the rank of Grand General was first formed.


Admiral (Enterprise)

President (Section and Starship UPC Base)

Captain (Former Enterprise)

Commander (Former Star Trek Army)

General (Former Star Trek Army)

Grand General (Star Trek Army)