Bosco Albert (BA) Baracus

Assigned Section:


UPC Special Operations Brigade: Agent

Home Planet/Species:



  • US Army (Former Sergeant)
  • A-Team

Primary Weapon:


Security Clearance:

Class D

Bosco Albert Baracus, or "BA", was the secretary of Section III: A-Team until it was removed from the UPC.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

BA was formerly a Sergeant in the US Army, under the command of Colonel John Smith, or "Hannibal" as they referred to him. However, he and other army members were falsely accused of a crime, so they esecaped and formed the A-Team. He was their brawn, driver, and mechanical expert.

Organization CouncilsEdit

BA is a very busy man, in terms of Organization Councils. He is a member of the Security Council (because of his strength and fighting ability), the Technology (because of his skill with mechanics), treasurer of the Transportation Council (because of his driving ability and experience), Manufacturing Council (becuase of his skill with mechanics and mechanical assembly), and the Weapons Training Council for the gun, specifically the sniper.

UPC ArmyEdit

BA was a Captain in the A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army. He was then put in to the UPC Special Operations Brigade as an agent.


Captain (Former A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army)

Treasurer (Transportation Council)

Secretary (Former Section)

Sergeant (Former US Army)

Agent (Special Operations Brigade)


  • The A-Team, Seasons 1-5

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