Big Doggy
IMG 20121020 165443


Section XXX: Super Pets: President

Organization/Advisory Councils:

  • Transportation Council: Member
  • Investigitive Council: Member


Super Pets Army/General



Home Planet/Species

Earth/Super Dog

Outside Affiliations

Dog star patrol

Primary Weapon

Super Powers

Security Clearance:

Class B

Big Doggy is was the president of Section XXX: Super Pets.

​​Non-UPC infoEdit

Big Doggy is one of the wisest Super Dogs. Right now she is serving as the Super Dog president. Big Doggy has been the Super Dog president three times (this is her fourth), vice president two times, secretery, presidency assistant, and governor of United States.

Big Doggy is the mother of Super Doggy and the grandmother of Super Puzzy.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Big Doggy is a Member of the Investigitive Council and the Transportation Council.



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