Batman (Bruce Wayne)


Section VIII: Justice League Secretary

Organization/Advisory Councils


Superhero Army: Commander

Other (UPC)

  • PA's Official Assistant

Home Planet/Species


Outside Affiliations

  • Justice League
  • Wayne Enterprises

Primary Weapon

Various High-Tech Gadgets and Devices

Bruce Wayne, or "Batman", is the secretary of Section VIII: Justice League. When Superman was the Vice President of the UPC, Batman was appointed as the Vice President's Official Assistant, helping Superman in his official duties during his original time in office before terms were set, and his second time in office when terms were set. He is now serving as the Presidency Assistant's Official Assistant now that Superman is the UPC's PA.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Bruce Wayne, also known as the superhero "Batman", is a superhero with no superhuman abilities, instead simply having high intelligence, nearly perfect physical condition, and martial arts skills. Batman is one of the leading members of the Justice League, a team of superheroes that works together to save the world and battle the League of Doom. Batman fights with many high-tech devices and gadgets, has many different machines and transportation units, and forms a team with Dick Grayson, or "Robin".

Organization CouncilsEdit

Batman is a member of the Tactics Council and the Transportation Council.


Batman is a Commander in the Superhero Army, though he was formerly the Successive Chief Captain.


Chief Captain (Former Superhero Army)

Commander (Superhero Army)

Secretary (Section)

Vice President's Official Assistant (Former UPC)

Presidency Assistant's Official Assistant (UPC)