Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase

Assigned Section:

Section VI: The Lightning Thief (Former Treasurer)


UPC Special Operations Brigade: Captain

Home Planet/Species:



  • Camp Half-Blood
  • Athena Cabin (Head Counselor)
  • Master Swordsmen
  • Medieval Warriors

Primary Weapon:

Celestial Bronze Dagger

Security Clearance:

Class C


  • Chiron
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Lightsaber)
Annabeth Chase is the treasurer of Section VI: The Lightning Thief. Ever since UPC Presidency members besides the President began appointing official assistants, Annabeth has been chosen by Chiron to be his, when he was the Presidency Assistant and Treasurer, and now as Chiron is serving as the UPC Vice President.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Annabeth Chase is the Greek demigod daughter of Athena and Frederick Chase. She left home when she was five to travel with Luke Castellan, son of Hermes, Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, and Grover Underwood, Satyr. They encountered many monsters and difficulties along the way, and Thalia Grace died right as they arrived at Camp Half-Blood, though she came back to life later. Annabeth spent many years at Camp Half-Blood year round, training and becoming one of the camp's best warriors. She got bored, though, and when Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, arrived at the camp and was assigned a quest, she and Grover accompanied him. They successfully completed the quest, and went on many successful and important quests together afterwards. She and Jackson are dating at the moment. Annabeth is not in a very good relationship with her father and step-mother at the moment, mainly because of the trouble that occurs at their house when she lives there due to all the monsters and other things attacking her. Annabeth is the half-sister of Matthew and Bobby Chase, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Malcolm. Annabeth also has a lightsaber permit, so she is able to train with a lightsaber, own a lightsaber, use it to fight in extreme circumstances, and if approval is given, use it on missions and battles (after training with it for a certain period of time). She is currently an apprentice in lightsaber training to her half-brother, Jedi Master Kenobi.

Organization Councils Edit

Annabeth Chase2
Annabeth is the 2nd Rep of the Tactics Council, the representative of the Weapons Training Council for the knife, and a member of the Council of Reps.


Though Annabeth was formerly the Chief Captain, she is now the Commander of the Half-Blood Army. She works directly under General Thalia Grace, co-works with Commander Percy Jackson, and is the direct commanding officer of Chief Captain Clarisse La Rue and Captain Connor Stoll.


Commander (Half-Blood Army)

Chief Captain (Former Half-Blood Army)

Treasurer (Section)

Vice President's Official Assistant (UPC)

Treasurer's Official Assistant (Former UPC)

2nd Rep (Tactics Council)

Representative (Weapons Training Council)

Head Counselor (Athena Cabin)

PA's Official Assistant (Former UPC)