Anakin Skywalker


Section I: Jedi rep.

Organization/Advisory Councils:

  • Security Council: Member
  • Transportation Council: President
  • Manufacturing Council: Treasurer
  • Technology Council: member

Army Information:

Space Division: 14th Battalion: General

Other (UPC):

  • Represenative (Section)

Home Planet/Species:

Tatooine/Human (Demigod)

Outside Affiliations:

  • Jedi Order
  • Jedi High Council
  • Grand Army of the Republic
  • 501st Legion
  • Torrent Company
  • Camp Half-Blood
  • Hades Cabin
  • Master Swordsman (Presidency Assistant)

Primary Weapon:

Blue-Bladed Lightsaber


  • Ki-Adi-Mundi
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi


  • Ahsoka Tano
  • Nico di Angelo (lightsaber)
  • Frank Zhang (Lightsaber)
Note: You may be looking for Skywalker's grandson, Anakin Solo.

Anakin's official signature.

Anakin Skywalker is a representative of Section I: Jedi.

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Organization CouncilsEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

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The following are the different types of individuals that Anakin Skywalker associated with.


The following are different romantic and love/attraction-associated relations that Skywalker has had with individuals he has associated with.

Padme Naberrie Amidala SkywalkerEdit

Padme is Anakin's wife. They've known each other for a long time. At first their marriage was secret. Then it got out when they had twins Luke and Leia.


The following are friends and acquaintances that Anakin has and their relationships with him.

Family Edit

The following are relationships that Skywalker has held with his family members.


Nico di AngeloEdit

Leia Organa SoloEdit

Luke SkywalkerEdit

Extended FamilyEdit

Mentor Edit

The following are the relationships that Anakin has held with his mentor.

Obi-Wan KenobiEdit


The following are the relationships that Anakin has held with his apprentice.


Anakin was Ahsoka's Master for along time. He was no loner her master when Ahsoka left the jedi order.

Professional Edit

The following are professional relationships Skywalker has had with people he has worked with.

Mace WinduEdit

Appearance Edit

Anakin usually wears a dark brown Jedi Tunic. Sometimes you may see him in a Camp Half-Blood shirt and jeans when he stays at the camp.

UPC ArmyEdit

Anakin is the current Grand General of the SW Pilots Army. He the former General of the army, but he was then premoted to Grand General. He is a member of the War Council.




Anakin cw

President (Former Security Council, Transportation Council, and Former OCP)

Knight (Jedi Order)

Jedi General (GAR)

Grand General (SW Pilots Army)

Anakin baby

Anakin at the pod race.

General (Former SW Pilots Army)

Representative (Section Rep and Former Manufacturing Council)

Presidency Assistant/PA (Former OCP)

Secretary (Vehicles and Transportation and Former OCP)

Treasurer (Manufacturing Council)


Anakin and his apprentice Ahsoka


  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (As Darth Vader)
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (As Darth Vader)
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (As Darth Vader & Force Ghost)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Jedi Quest Series
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series'

    Anakin's lightsaber.

  • Various Old Republic Era Books
  • Various Clone Wars Books
  • Various Rebellion Era Books
  • Boba Fett Series
  • Tales Series
  • Various New Republic Era Books (As Force Ghost)
  • New Jedi Order Series (As Force Ghost)