Agrippa Aldrete
Agrippa aldrete


Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate Former Assistant Backup


Galactic Republic Army: Commander's Aide

Home Planet/Species


Outside Affiliations

  • Galactic Republic
  • Galactic Senate

Primary Weapon


Agrippa Aldrete is the former assistant backup of Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Agrippa Aldrete was formerly the senatorial aide to former senator Bail Antilles, but then became an aide to Chancellor and former senator Bail Organa after Bail Antilles left the Galactic Senate. He shares this position with Sheltay Retrac.


Aldrete is an aide to Commander Bail Organa of the Galactic Republic Army. Though he holds no rank and doesn't participate in battle, he works out strategy and planning with Organa. He shares this position with Liana Merian.


Aide (Galactic Senate and Galactic Republic Army)

Assistant Backup (Former Section)


  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Scheduled to appear, role was cut)

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