Agen Kolar

Assigned Section:

Section I: Jedi (Former Member)


UPC Special Operations Brigade: Special Agent

Home Planet/Species:



Primary Weapon:

Blue-Bladed Lightsaber

Security Clearance:

Class C


  • Tan Yuster
  • Cole (Lightsaber)
Agen Kolar was a member of Section I: Jedi until he was asked to join the UPC Special Operations Brigade as a Special Agent.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Agen Kolar is a Master in the Jedi Order, and currently holds a seat in the Jedi High Council, holding one of the twelve highest positions in the Jedi Order. His primary weapon is a blue-bladed lightsaber. Kolar is a member of the Master Swordsman, and is currently training Jedi Padawan Tan Yuster. Kolar holds the rank of Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic, and is serving in the Clone Wars. Agen Kolar is also the mentor to the Spinjitzu Ninja Cole in the area of lightsaber combat.

Agen kolar lightsaber

UPC ArmyEdit

Agen Kolar is currently serving as a Special Agent in the UPC Special Operations Brigade, though he formerly served as the Commander of the Jedi Army.


Jedi General (GAR)

Commander (Former Jedi Army)

Chief Captain (Former Jedi Army)

Master (Jedi Order)

Councilor (Jedi High Council)

Special Agent (UPC Special Operations Brigade)


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  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Various Clone Wars Books